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  • Hannah Hays

Bailee & Fabian

I first met Bailee & Fabian at Bailee's sister's wedding in 2018. Well fast forward to a couple of years later, Bailee got engaged! She reached out to me to do their engagement session and I was so thrilled and honored that she wanted me to be her photographer during this time. It is always so special when sisters of past brides reach out. I immediately went into planning mode with Bailee planning their engagement session. She knew she didn't want to do the traditional park or greenery. Just wasn't their vibe. She sent me a photo of a parking garage in Downtown Houston and asked me if I knew where it was. I did not, but bet your bottom I went to looking for anything to help me find out where it was located immediately. I found it was Saks in Downtown Houston and off we went.

Bailee & Fabian were so easy to photograph. Their chemistry and love just spill out for each other. They killed their engagement session with their stylish vibes even when the wind literally was trying to knock us down. We made it work, popped some champagne & had a blast! I am so honored that they asked me to photograph this moment in time for them. I can not wait for their wedding and to watch their new chapter of life begin.

xoxo- Hannah

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