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About Hannah

I started my love for photography when I got my first point and shoot camera for Christmas - it was Grinch green - lol that was back in 2009. I was still a child so I couldn't pursue my dream to be a photographer yet! Well fast forward about 7 years later my husband decided that it was time I stopped putting my dream on hold!! So I quit my full time job and went to work! I jumped into photography so fast that it took me awhile to catch my breath, but once I did, man I was hooked! Photography to me is more than a picture, it's a moment that is frozen for ever that can be passed down throughout generations!  I very much pride myself to be a bride advocate - I love becoming more than a vendor on a wedding day, I like to become friends with my brides and grooms! I make sure that I am there whenever they need, whether it's a listening ear or advice; I am always there! It's also no different on wedding days. I make sure that my bride and groom are both comfortable, I make sure that they do not stress because that's the last thing we need! I love weddings and I couldn't imagine my life without them now! 

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Hannah Hays | Dallas Wedding Photographer

A few of my favorite things...


Forget the husband and dogs, GIVE ME TACOS! I'm kidding. But seriously, I LOVE tacos!


My husband and I have been doing life together for the past 7 years. No one gets me more than he does.


Cameron and I are proud parents of our son Caiden, and we have two rescue fur babies: Axel and Kaiah.


"The Phantom of the Opera" is an all-time fave. I'm also obsessed with Irish dancing .

Enough about  me,
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Hannah Hays | Dallas Wedding Photographer